For almost a month following the storm that hit Glen Arbor and the Grand Traverse area our Emergency Disaster Services had the opportunity to serve over 1,700 meals and provide hydration stations for community members, emergency personnel and disaster relief workers from across the state and country.

Here are some exerpts from letters that we received:

Glen Arbor Township: 

On behalf of the Township Board and members of our community, I want to thank you and members of your team for initially offering to assist during our emergency and for subsequently responding when assistance we was requested with your canteen food service. The first hot meal served around 6pm really helped raise the spirit of those in need as well as the local volunteers who operated our shelter for six (6) days. We didn't know goulash could taste that good! Your subsequent commitment to return every day to provide a noon meal was a daily event enjoyed by many. Probably most impressive was the attitude of service that all the Salvation Amy volunteers on site displayed while in our community. Most has not encountered a need for service of that sort previously and were truly impressed with the dedication of service which was exemplified by the entire team. 

John C. Soderholm, Glen Arbor Township Supervisor 

Team Rubicon USA - Region 5  

The Salvation Army has, and continues to be, a disaster response partner that greatly enables Team Rubicon in more than one way. Our teams generally take on full, hard days of physically demanding work. To do this, our personnel need sustaining nutrition and hydration as well as sufficient rest. I have deployed to disaster zones in the past where the incident command staff needed to dedicate time/resources to getting chow and hydration for personnel each day. The Salvation Army relieves this logistical load and allows us to focus on what we do best...get physical work done to help people affected by disaster. On the subjective side of what you do for us is the caring/loving touchstone your personnel bring to us each time they arrive with chow and hydration. Our team is lifted up through interaction with your team.

On our recent Operation Sleeping Bear, your crew showed flawless excellence...we were well fed with breakfast, lunch and dinner every day that we needed same. Your team expressed a great desire to serve us and meet our needs. Not just meet our needs, but to care for us...awesome folks, each and every one. Relationships were formed between your team and was very cool to watch and be a part of.

I have a very high degree of confidence that, as partners, we can effectively respond in the future...hoping that doesn't occur, but you know what I mean.

Best regards and thanks to all of our new friends and teammates in TC.

Jim Simmons, Rubicon Region 5

Michigan Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Team

On behalf of Michigan's Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Director Win Williams and the Chain Saw Disaster Relief team, we sincerely thank you for arranging a noon meal each day for the team working in Glen Arbor. We were blessed daily with your worker's friendliness and the delicious food. Your support was truly a blessing.  

Michigan's Southern Baptist Convention



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