21 July 2017

We would like to congratulate and announce Corps Officers/Ministers, Jeff and Dawn Russell on their promotion to the rank of Major. The Russell’s have served as worship and spiritual leaders, administrators, teachers, social workers, counselors and youth leaders in Traverse City since September 2016. Over the past fifteen years they have served officer appointments in communities across the Midwest including: Gary, Indiana, Kalamazoo and Lansing Michigan, Fergus Fall, Minnesota, Burlington Iowa and Green Bay, Wisconsin.

History of Majors Jeff and Dawn:

The Salvation Army has always been Captain Jeff Russell’s church. He follows in the footsteps of two uncles who were officers. Originally from Port Jefferson, Long Island New York, he holds an Associate’s degree in electronics and worked at Oscar Meyer before entering The Salvation Army School for Officer Training.

Captain Dawn Russell came from humble beginnings. She was raised by a single mother on welfare and lived in HUD housing projects in Madison Wisconsin. A home visit from a Salvation Army soldier asking her mom if Dawn would like to attend Sunday School was her first step on a lifelong journey of faith, compassion and serving neighbors in need. Prior to entering The Salvation Army School for Officer Training, Captain Dawn worked in a hospital lab for over 13 years.

“Being called to The Salvation Army was the best thing the Lord did to our family. It afforded us to continue our education. We have both received our Bachelor of Science degrees in pastoral ministry.” said Captain Dawn Russell.” I never would have believed that a girl raised on public assistance would ever travel to Israel or Turkey, as we did, as part of our biblical education or to London, UK for The Salvation Army’s 150th anniversary. We have been highly blessed and favored by the willingness of The Salvation Army to help us in expanding our mission field.”

The Russell’s mission is to serve suffering humanity as well as bringing the message of Jesus Christ to them. “The Traverse City corps programs and services are very similar to our previous appointments. 

Contact Majors Jeff and Dawn Russell at 231.946.4644.