11 May 2017

Greetings friends!

Along with the warm weather comes the preparation and excitement as we gear up for summer camp...
smiling faces, excited children and new adventures. 

Throughout the year our team sees our neighbors facing - hunger, struggling to remain in their homes and other devastating crises. The children in these families are existing in a world of poverty, hunger, and stressful uncertain home lives.   

Evangaline Booth, daughter of Salvation Army founder William and Catherine Booth asked this question, “Who can estimate the wealth of worth caged in a little child?” We believe that you feel as we do - that each and every one is priceless, because each is a unique miracle, that since the beginning of the world there hasn’t been, and until the end of the world there will not be another like them.

We believe that regardless of circumstance, every child should experience camp and have the chance
to shine brightly, laugh loudly and enjoy an amazing experience with God in His creation this summer! 

Adults are not the only people who need a break from everyday life. Children need to get away, too.
For many kids served by The Salvation Army, summer does little to relieve the stress of living in poverty or a troubled home. For these children, true peace can be found in a different environment. Summer camp provides stability and structure in the midst of chaotic times. 

This summer our camp experiences include a 7 week local day camp as well as 3-5 day away camp fun at The Salvation Army’s Little Pine Island regional camp at Comstock Park. Last year over 900 days of camp were experienced by children right here in our back yard!

Mother Erin O, shared the importance of camp for her and her son, “The Salvation Army's Day Camp program has provided me with a place for my son to go in the summer...without the affordable cost and scholarship assistance he would probably be home alone. He loves going swimming, the field trips and change in activities. I makes me feel really good to see him enjoy so many different experiences and know that he is safe.”

Our summer day camp is affordable at just $80 a week per child - but still out of reach for many families. Through the generosity of donors last year 50% of families received scholarship assistance with day camp and Little Pine Island 3-5 day away camp experiences cost families just $10 per child - including transportation.  

While parents are working, going to school and taking necessary steps toward self-sufficiency and stability, they have the confidence of knowing that their children are being well cared for through these camping experiences.

“My children are always so excited to go to camp!  They love the activities, meeting new people and enjoy new experiences! I love to send them! I appreciate that it is price centered, but more importantly that it is God centered!” said Melissa D, mother of 5.

“The kids have been involved in both Summer Camp and Youth programs. The programs match what I believe in - God, morals, values and having a good time! It can be the coolest thing in the world. There is so much negative in the world... the kids need positive. The Salvation Army Camp and Youth programs provide the kids a chance to learn, glorify God and see and be the positive in the world. I am so blessed I got the kids involved!”

We invite you to join us in giving a child an experience to remember this summer by sponsoring a child to attend The Salvation Army’s camps! Their days at camp will be packed with activities like swimming, hiking, arts and crafts, music, friendship and fellowship!

“A child’s life is like a piece of paper on which every experience leaves a mark.” This quote speaks volumes. Just imagine the positive impact and new experiences your support will have on an area child who might not otherwise have the opportunity to enjoy the excitement, freedom to play, explore, laugh and build lifetime memories at camp verses being home alone this summer! Every gift, regardless of size leaves a meaningful impact on a child right here in our community! 

Click here to learn more about The Salvation Army Traverse City Summer Camps and Youth Programs

Click here to make a secure online donation to sponsor a child to camp or mail donations to The Salvation Army, Kids to Camp, 1239 Barlow St. Traverse City, MI 49686. 

Thank you for your generosity and providing a summer camp experience that will impact the life – and eternity – of a kid in need.